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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 30, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon i am brian hackney >> i am michele griego, right now we are following breaking news as crews are on the scene of a big fire in san jose, we're told it is burning at st. patrick's church and we have a group headed to the scene right now and will be able to give you
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more details when the crew gets there. >> the other top story of the day, gop during up for the grand finale. paul ryan put a fresh face on the grand old party at the convention last night but the big event is tonight as mitt romney expects his party's nomination for president and randall pinkston joins us live right now from tampa up with a look ahead at what could be a make or break moment. >> absolutely. you know, i'm sorry, michelle pan right, i got that right. even as they prepare for mitt romney speech, there's some controversy swelling about ryan's comments. the wall street journal accusing him of making misleading indictment president obama but you can be assured that probably no one in this arena is concerned about that, they're looking tupac hear from mitt romney, the man that republicans want to take the white house. it has already been billed as the most important speech of his life, when mitt romney steps up to except the republican party's
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presidential nomination, he will be speaking to millions, and selling himself as commander in chief. >> this is obviously an important speech, he will personally make sure that it is a powerful speech that will communicate his vision for economic prosperity to the country. >> former florida gov. jeb bush speaks tonight and says that mitt romney needs to lay out a compelling alternative to the correct administration. >> most people know that we are in difficult times but what mitt romney has the opportunity to do is speak for a while about what it will be like when he is president. and why it will be better. >> mitt romney will use his speech to try and connect with voters and show that he understands their concerns. workers rebuilt the stage to bring him physically closer to the delegates. wednesday night he watched his grandchildren as his running mate excepted the party's vice- presidential nomination. congressman paul ryan used his speech to launch a scathing attack on president obama's
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policies, everything from health care reform, to economic stimulus. >> the president is just throwing money, and he is pretty experienced at that. >> the challenge for mitt romney will not only to point limit the administration but lay out his own ideas and convince the country that it will work. >> an aide to gov. mitt romney told me that he has speechwriter's but that mitt romney goes over every word and what you hear him say tonight will be exactly what he wants america to hear. i am randall pinkston, back to you. >> if we could just go back to the speech of paul ryan, the faithful agree it was an exciting speech but not everyone thinks it was entirely accurate, could you talk about that? >> there are a few examples where some say that he may be stretched the fax, for example his reference to the automobile plant, gave the impression that the president, when he was attended it promised it would remain open, but in fact general
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motors tells us that they had announced in early 2008, before obama was even nominated, that it would close the plant and there was probably little he could have done to reverse that. that is just one example of some stretching of the facts, if you will, and that occurred in his speech last night. >> i think that everyone is wondering what exactly mitt romney is going to say tonight, any surprises? >> well, we are expecting a surprise guest. we have heard names, but i will my even bother mentioning them because we are not shore and anyway, if we knew it would not be a surprise, would it? we're also expecting to hear from mitt romney, more about his life, and his vision. we will see tonight. >> thank you. i guess piffling you, it would not be surprised. well, put your money where your mouth is, a top state safety officials response to a very public promise from pg&e
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following the deadly san bruno pipeline blast, ann mackovic joins us with what the utility had to say today. >> there have been a lot of concern about how the company is balancing shareholder profit with neighborhood safety, the ceo countered that saying that the company committed $5 billion to system improvements. >> my approach is that if you run, an excellent company, operationally. and cost control and profitability all fall into place. >> pgd hasn't were tough criticism recently, lasted for emphasizing profit over safety. after the 2010 san bruno explosion, which killed eight people and destroyed a neighborhood, the company aknowledge that they had lost its way. the ceo said so in a tv commercial, promising to improve safety. but almost two years after the blast, the public utilities commission safety director said
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that jingles and slogans aside, pg&e has not changed their focus from serving the board, to serving their customers, ratepayers, and people of california. he wants the public utilities commission to impose sanctions against the company in connection with the san bruno explosion, pg&e has already fixed a criminal investigation and numerous lawsuits. >> we are not or need to be, we have a lot of work to do but i think that i can assure you that we have made good progress over the last year, and we look forward to making progress over the next couple of years. >> now, he did give us an update on some of the settlements that have been negotiating with victims of the san bruno blast. they say that they have come to agreements in almost all of the death and a major injury cases and now they're moving on to the minor injury and property settlement cases. back to you. >> the tsa has made a big change at sfo that could put you at risk. the examiner reporting a key function of a multimillion- dollar x-ray machines that scans
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the contents of every bag, that machine has been turned off, that means that high risk bags can get on board, employees claim it was done to save time. government aviation security and dental screenings at sfo and denies the allegations that were made. at that they were doing it to simply save time. >> palo alto police say that to sexual battery cases may be connected by the same suspects. this is a sketch of the suspects from the two incidents, officers say the latest what happened yesterday at the stanford shopping center, according to police a man grabbed a woman's chest in the parking lot and then ran away. police say this is similar to another attack last week near downtown palo alto. >> a mother and her two young children were robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight near a school in san mateo. cate caugurian is here with the crime that even shocked police. >> the robbery happened to in her neighborhood. she is a mother of a one year-
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old little girl. >> eventually she will be going to an elementary school and i just want to make sure that it is a safe environment for all the children so that it will be able to learn things instead of being concerned about what is going on around them. >> yesterday before noon san mateo police say the armed robbery took place blocks away from this school. it happens here near the intersection of indian avenue and humble, a mother and her two children were walking when the suspect flashed a gun and demanded their property. according to officers he ran away before they got to the scene and officers say that there were sensitive to the fact that it happened so close to younger children. >> officers, immediately saturated the area with police presence, and immediately make contact and made the assessment that there was no danger at the school and continue to do an intensive search of the area. >> sergeant norris says that they work closer with the elementary school to make sure the area was secure and parents were aware of the situation. as scary as it is, she says that
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san mateo is a small community and she feels taken care of. >> usually when things are going on, they do a different type of response and try and get the community involved as much as possible especially when it is something so close to her heart, like the children. >> the suspect is a male in his early to late twenties having light skin, 6 ft. tall, with a stocky build. >> we need the communities assistance, we're looking for any assistance from the community, and one that saw or heard anything in that area. >> police will not release those details at this point in the investigation. in san mateo, cbs 5. >> we want to update you on breaking news that we're following in san jose were one firefighter has been injured in that fire fight at st. patrick's church and we do have len ramirez on the phone, right now, you are right outside of the church, what can you tell us? >> that firefighter that was injured during the fire response was very seriously injured, according to the fire department
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spokesperson capt.. at that firefighter was treated here at the scene for several minutes, and then loaded onto a gurney and transport department, probably headed to the regional medical center which is a few miles away from their location at santa clara and no. 8 street. we don't have much on how the fire started but it appears that the fire did an aggressive attack, you can see some damage to the former cathedral here, st. patrick's church, there is a ventilating hole that was carved into the very steep sloping roof here, if you can kind of picture almost like an upside- down letter why. that is the architecture of this church. and it appears that firefighters were on that roof, the firefighters may have fallen and heard himself. a choked up fire captain said that this is what firefighters
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to every day, they put themselves on the line. we'll have more on how injured that firefighter was and because of investigation, little later on. that is it for now. >> we will check back in with you, thank you. >> still ahead, linked in is about to link up to sunnyvale. >> a history lesson with heart, still to come, a small bay area museum having a big impact on veterans. >> but first, no more digging for spare cash, next to the new invention that makes it easy to show appreciation for good service. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center, the wind is now beginning to pick up, we have major cha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> now it is time for the dow jones reason of the day, and the reason is, good news is bad news on wall street. stocks sank after a positive economic report. dashed hopes of the fed's announcing new economic stimulus measures and right now the dow is off 80, or about two-thirds of 1%. a mountain view based company says they reached an agreement to lease a campus in sunnyvale for a major expansion. the campus will be built to accommodate 3000 workers, the target date for opening is july 2014. are you skipping out on tips because you do not have cash? >> no. but there is a device that lets you use your credit card to leave tips. a 26 year-old invented the service and after making a purchase with your credit card you can swipe again, to leave a tip. it does the math for you ended
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is being tested in new york shops right now. >> at least they're testing it before the spring it on the world. >> next, how today's jefferson award winner make sure that everyone knows the history of our national heroes.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> her can isaac weakening as it
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crawls across the southern portion of united states but now a tropical storm has left a lot of damage in its way to end it is still causing problems. the evacuations continue as the storm surge swans entire neighborhoods with walls of water. the coast guard has had to make some rescues by air, plucking people and pets from the rooftops of their flooded homes, others evacuees had to rush out when the floodwaters washed in but are now returning by boat. >> that is all replaceable. that is all that matters. >> it is heartbreaking, in new orleans the rebuild levees system held up but most of the city lost power and it will not be fully restored for several days. >> a pretty significant change in the weather. >> a change in my forecast, i'm not feeling so significant today or magnificent, but we have changes coming up, enjoy today, a lot of sunshine out there now, looking good in most spots
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although we're seeing low clouds and fog gathering along the coastline and pushing inside of the bay right now. a stronger sea breeze kicking in and we will see more of that in the coming days meaning low clouds and fog likely to move all the way into the valleys. you can see that along the coastline, as it really begins to fill in, monsoon moister in southern california and flood warnings in san diego county. showers continuing in that direction. this afternoon it was a nice and dry. some 80s and 90s inside of the bay, '60s and '70s mostly sunny although we will see a few more clouds moving to the golden gate with temperatures along the coastline in the '50s and '60s. tonight a good surge of low clouds and fog on shore, even suffering into some of the valleys. one more nice day and that major changes coming as the clouds are too violent and computer models pick up on that very nicely, surging well into the bay and the dollar's overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. enjoy the day, change is coming up for the next couple of days. 62 degrees in pacifica, east bay
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temperatures in the '80s and also some 90s, if we are lucky. instead of the bay cooler drop in some interest, 64 in san fransisco and 71 into oakland. the merger is running below average for the next couple of days, warming things up as we head into the labor day holiday. that is the latest forecast, back to you. >> when it comes to big jobs like protecting waterways, the coast guard will not cut it, we need popeye and there is, the pooch will be working at lake sonoma and lachemann has seen no this labor day weekend sniffing for invasive muscles on boats. mussels are on the top of reservoir operators most wanted list and the reason is that they have caused more than $500 million in damage nationwide. one more day to go before the dumbarton bridge shuts down, crews prepare for the big closer to more nights at 10:00, during a long weekend and old existing seismic joint will be replaced with a new one, giving the bridge twice as much room to
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move during an earthquake. the bridge will reopen just in time for the morning commute on tuesday. this will mark the second to the last closure before the project is finished next year. >> schoolchildren that visit the petaluma museum are assessing much more than just the history of poultry in the city. sharon chip in reports that the small hometown museum has been transformed into a classroom for natural history by this week's jefferson award winner. >> >> the korean war is often called for broad war but he is making sure that it is not forgotten. he has asked. were veteran paul lewis to share his story. >> we stopped the aggression of communism moving down into southern korea. 54,000 of us never came home from korea. >> he is planning a museum exhibit to show the importance of the korean war in u.s. history. >> it was instrumental in the
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first mash unit which increased survival rates by 97 percent. first interracial integration in the military, and interestingly, most of the korean veterans actually live here in california. >> joe has volunteered as president of the pelham a museum for the past four years, he does not have formal museum training and in fact he is a credit collection manager by trade but he does have a passion for treating moving national history museums. >> i noticed a lot of important history was not been covered in textbooks. i knew at that point that we need to reach out and get the stories told. >> the exhibits he has presented, half of them have honored american war veterans. >> i do not think that we can recognize these people enough for their service, is an absolutely incredible history. >> he has special respect for military veterans, his father served in world war two and. . he is especially proud of how a 2010 exhibit welcome home vietnam veterans and united the
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north bay community. >> we felt we needed to do the exhibit rights we included the vietnamese community and the amount of feeling that took place was incredible. >> these are some of the donations. >> steve for the american legion says that his work has meant a lot to many veterans. >> in makes them feel good. at to see that someone recognizes what they have done in the past. >> joe has a knack for bringing the past to life through the personal stories of those that live in it. for a space exhibit he books apollo 9 astronaut, for civil rights, she shared her experience as segregation, for aviation he brought in world war hearhero >> i think that the stories he to be heard, by the younger generation. it was a like changer. >> so for making history come alive at the petaluma museum, the jefferson ward in the bay
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area goes to show. >> you can check the upcoming exhibits at the petaluma museum,
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>> and we do want to give you an update on this breaking news that we have been following in san jose.
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we told you about st. patrick's church, it caught fire, we have been told one firefighter has been hurt in that fire fight and was taken to the hospital. len ramirez was there in front of the church and told us that a very teary eyed fire captain told us about this and said that sometimes that happens, what firefighters going out there and fighting the fire. we will have more details on this fire in san j
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